In memory of Boni

Boni passed away on June 12th at her farm in Chilliwack, BC.   We welcome you to peruse the memories and photos we have posted here and further welcome you to contribute you own.

You can contribute by leaving a quick note, or adding some photos (we don’t have many of Boni’s life before BC), or sign-in to the site to post your own articles.

If you want to contact us for any reason, just drop us a line (or leave a message 416.533.0934)

— Jill, Chad and Dirk

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4 Replies to “In memory of Boni”

  1. Dear Boni’s Family,

    I’m so sorry & sad about Boni’s passing.

    Thank you for sharing this very beautiful tribute to her, which has brought back many fond memories. She was my dear roommate at Havergal, and then my bridesmaid!

    I only saw her a couple of times thereafter as we’ve lived in Switzerland since 1967.

    With very Best Wishes to each of you,
    Ellie (Eleanor Montgomery Stillman)

  2. I am most grateful to Boni for bearing 3 accomplished, productive, healthy children how are now adults and who in turn have gifted me with 6 wonderful grand-children.

    Boni was ahead of most people in so many ways. (And way ahead of me in adopting a healthy diet).

    I remember our drive across the country immediately after getting married in February of 1965. We visited my brother Jim in Winnipeg and went down to Eaton’s Department store at the corner of Portage and Main. It was so cold and windy. Even walking the single block from the parking lot to the store was a challenge.


  3. Sadly, the local nursing classmates of your mom from the Sick Kids class of ‘62 have met and gathered many warm thoughts for you and your families on Bonnie’s passing. We were a tight group during our 3 years of learning, laughing and living together in residence in our late teens and have so many wonderful memories of your mom and our time together. We send our condolences and wishes that you, too, will cherish your memories of a loving, hard working, caring, fun woman we loved having in our midst.
    I know you are already in contact with classmates and we will happily arrange to share pictures and our memories. Best regards on behalf of the HSC class of ‘62

  4. I worked in the large solar heated greenhouse beginning in February. It seemed every three weeks the latest cuttings were ready for transplant. We learned every day about new herbs and how to use them. I must have ended up with a hundred different herbs in my own Greendale garden. Boni sent me to a Biodynamics weekend workshop where several herbalists were sporting European accents. Bless her, she was a teacher and a friend.

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