Good times with Grandma

By Bernat Bernaus Townsend (12 yrs old)

My grandma was very important to me, she always has been very nice and so when she died it was very sad for me. This is why I am going to write about so many of my fondest memories of her and all the great things we’ve done together.

I remember picking herbs in her greenhouses with her, getting ready for the Trout lake market and organizing the herbs and flowers we pick. Going to the market with her was also always fun, she’d show me what’s new, what there is to do and just having a good time sitting on the grass and chatting. I remember her goat Houdini, and how we would walk around her farm with the goat giving him new places to graze. Ice cream with frozen berries were always one of her favourites and it was great to just enjoy that time with her. She also used to sail and so when we talked to her about it, she would talk about her youth, when she sailed, how she was the first woman to win in the history of the summer camp. She was incredible with animals, I remember the amount of kittens she used to have and how they were really cute. Her cat, Fluffy Wildbear, used to be a wild cat and grandma tamed him so he was used to being handled. This is why when I heard the news that she wanted to do MaiD, I wanted to go back to Chilliwack to see her one last time and I’m glad I did. When I was there, I saw she was not even dreading what was going on, she was at peace and doing her best to enjoy the last week of her life. I thank her for all the great times she’s given me and my family and I will always be grateful. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

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