A biography in dates

Boni Townsend
née: Mary Katherine McDowell
(21 Oct 1939 – 12 Jun 2019)

I could use some help with this post.   Some of the dates are guesses (note the question marks), also I know I have missed many important events.  Please feel free to send me corrections and additions:    Dirk@terraviva.ca

  • Born in South Porcupine, Ontario and grew up in Timmins.
  • Attended Havergal Girls School in Toronto, Ontario as a boarding student.
  • Studied Nursing
  • Worked/interned at Sick Children’s Hospital, Toronto
  • Worked as a Registered Nurse in Toronto.
  • Married Owen Townsend in Feb of 1965 and immediately drove across the country to Vancouver, with stops along the way to visit Jim Townsend and the cold winds of Portage and Main.
  • Mother died in 1961 (?), father in 1963 (?)
  • Worked as a registered nurse in Vancouver (?)
  • Had three Children: Dirk (24 Dec 1965) and Chad and Jill (twins, in 23 Nove 1968)
  • 1965 (onwards) became active in various food co-ops, organics, recycling efforts and environmental organizations (e.g. SPEC, CRS)
  • Separated, 1969 (?)
  • 1969: purchased a 5-acre farm in what is now Chilliwack, BC (then Sardis, BC)
  • Worked (briefly) as a registered nurse in Chilliwack
  • 1970-75, raised children and animals (rabbits, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, ducks & geese and, briefly, a horse). Began collecting and growing herbs.
  • 1972 – Built a reputation as a source of herb plants and expertise on their propagation and growth among gardeners, both locally and in Vancouver, began concentrating on propagation and production of more varieties of herbs and greater quantities.  Named the farm, “Lowland Herb Farm”. As children became more independent and helpful on the farm, Boni concentrated more and more on cultivating potted herbs and as fresh cut herbs for cooking.  Began building green-houses and began attending farmers markets and selling wholesale. (Sold to Woodwards department store, Choices and other fresh markets and numerous fine restaurants in Vancouver)
  • 1979 – Was a vendor on opening day of Granville Island Market
  • 1986 – Engaged by the Expo 86 World Fair to deliver a series of educational presentations and herb cooking and processing demonstrations to fair goers.
  • 199? – Attained Organic Certification for Lowland Herb Farm
  • 199? – Attained Bio-dynamic Certification for Lowland Herb Farm
  • 198? – Vendor at Trout Lake Farmers Market
  • 199? – Vendor at Nat Bailey Farmers Market
  • 199? – Consultant for various market and hotel gardens (Pan Pacific (?), Minter Gardens)
  • 2005 – Travelled to Toronto for Havergal Reunion
  • 2006 – Travelled to Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
  • 2000 – 2015 (?) Served as Board Member of Bio-dynamic Society of British Columbia

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