Contributions to the Love for Boni site

Hi, I’m Dirk and I made this site along with my brother and sister to collect memories of Boni.   Since she touched so many people during her lifetime there is probably a wealth of memories to add.  Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. If you just want to add a quick few words without much fuss you can write a comment  on the main post of the site.   (scroll down a ways to ‘Leave a Reply’)
  2. Or, add some photos with comments by going to one of the shared Google Photos Albums off the main page.  (see ‘Photos’)
  3. If you want to post something longer or you want to include in-line photos, videos, or whatever, it is probably easiest to just e-mail it to me.   My e-mail address is
  4. If you are somewhat web-savvy, you can create a user at this link. and add whatever you please.